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The Deliberate Pickle (Page 3)

Strawberries & Sugar Snap Peas
Dried Fruit & Nuts From Fruits to Nuts

From Fruits to Nuts

Jan 24 2018

Toothaches are the worst. No question. No debate.  Several months ago, my dentist told me root canal surgery was necessary to alleviate my toothache. I didn’t…

Eggs & Toast Anytime Eggs

Anytime Eggs

Jan 17 2018

When I talk to people about their frustrations with food preparation, an item that comes up often is cooking eggs. Inevitably, the issue is not…

Spinach Salad Greening Up Winter

Greening Up Winter

Jan 10 2018

We who have lived in the Upper Midwest for many decades intimately know of this phenomenon called winter. Currently, extended regions of the country are…

Restaurant Table & Chairs The Creative Momentum of Communal Tables

Coffee shops have certainly become more than a place to pick up a favorite drink.  They are gathering spots for neighborhood residents and visitors. Each one…

Glassware In Winter Adding Kindness

Adding Kindness

Dec 20 2017

When I stopped at my favorite bookstore recently to pick up a Christmas gift for my Mom, I bought two books for myself.  So many of…

Squash Hash Seasonal Solos with Versatile Squash

Solo meals are not just eaten by those who live as singles but can often be a part of the busy school and work days…

Antipasto Picking and Choosing

Picking and Choosing

Dec 06 2017

One of the keys, I think, in  the craft and finesse of eating solo  is developing a variety of favorite flavors by creating a rotation…

Chicken Noodle Soup As Comforting As Chicken Soup

A few weeks ago when my sinuses were congested, my eyes were puffy and my head was simply stuffed up, I knew I needed some…

Spice Jars Spicing Up Your Shelves

If variety is the spice of life, then, according to my kitchen logic, a variety of spices can contribute to both  the craft and the…