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May 2019

Strawberries & Sugar Snap Peas
Asparagus & Chives First, Asparagus

First, Asparagus

May 21 2019

How appropriate that the first major crop to appear at spring farmers’ market comes from a Greek word meaning sprout.  The appearance of asparagus has signaled…

Learning From Experience

Think of something you have long enjoyed eating. Then, think of the person who might have prepared that for you and how the two, the…

Flowers & Veggies A Horizon of Harvests

A Horizon of Harvests

May 05 2019

The horizon is widely visible on these days in early May when there are still no leaves on the trees. The tips of the branches…

Spring Tulips Spring Hopes

Spring Hopes

May 01 2019

The calendar can play tricks on those of us who live in northern climes.  The astronomical landmark of the equinox on March 20th only teases…