Bushel of Sugar Snap Peas

The Deliberate Pickle: The Craft and Finesse of Eating Solo evolved from times when I get stuck about what to eat sensibly, in my one-person household, even though I am a trained chef. People who know less about navigating food and flavors told me they are more stuck than me. I have incorporated my culinary training into everyday eating for one.

Our deliberate actions are those we complete with purpose. In the culinary world, a pickle is a cucumber, or other vegetable, preserved for future enjoyment. Half of all meals in the U.S. are eaten alone including the more than 30% of households with one person or by residents with hectic schedules and busy households. Smart food choices for solo meals begin long before recipes with knowledgeable food shopping and kitchen stocking. I hope the tidbits you find on The Deliberate Pickle become future tasty morsels that you tailor to your individual palette.

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