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Bushel of Sugar Snap Peas

The Deliberate Pickle: The Craft and Finesse of Eating Solo evolved from times when I get stuck about what to eat sensibly, in my one-person household, even though I am a trained chef. People who know less about navigating food and flavors told me they are more stuck than me. I have incorporated my culinary training into everyday eating for one.

Our deliberate actions are those we complete with purpose. In the culinary world, a pickle is a cucumber, or other vegetable, preserved for future enjoyment. Half of all meals in the U.S. are eaten alone including the more than 30% of households with one person or by residents with hectic schedules and busy households. Smart food choices for solo meals begin long before recipes with knowledgeable food shopping and kitchen stocking. I hope the tidbits you find on The Deliberate Pickle become future tasty morsels that you tailor to your individual palette.

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Julie Jasinski at a cooking demonstration When you cook and dine alone (mid-COVID), you pick the meal and the atmosphere

When you cook and dine alone (mid-COVID), you pick the meal and the atmosphere

When you cook and dine alone (mid-COVID), you pick the meal and the atmosphere Julie Jaskinki of the Deliberate Pickle was featured in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on meals for one during…

Cantaloupe Island

Cantaloupe Island

I am often astounded by the logic of Mother Nature. In the steamiest heat of mid-summer come the juiciest crops such as melons, when we need cooling hydration.  A ripe, slightly sweet…

Bushel of Sugar Snap Peas
Green Sweetness

Green Sweetness

There is a sweetness to the mid-summer palette of crops. The sweetness comes from the greenness. It comes from the sun and the plants. The reward for enduring the intolerable humid heat…

Radish Bunches As Common As a Crisp Radish

As Common As a Crisp Radish

There are those items in our daily routines that are simply there all the time and we barely notice – like the breeze that comes in the window above my home desk. At…

Bins of Strawberries On Table Strawberries and Mascarpone

Strawberries and Mascarpone

The “wow” moments of shopping at farmers’ markets come when you try a  sample at a grower’s table that you think you have tasted dozens, maybe hundreds of times before,  and the…

Asparagus & Chives First, Asparagus

First, Asparagus

How appropriate that the first major crop to appear at spring farmers’ market comes from a Greek word meaning sprout.  The appearance of asparagus has signaled the start of the growing season since…